Number 1 Cause of Blog Marketing Failure

Frustration with Blog Marketing Failure

Number 1 Cause of Blog Marketing Failure

Does this sound like you?

It's Tuesday, the day you've committed to publishing a blog post. You haven't written your post yet. Things have gotten kind of busy and you really can't think of anything good to post. The clock is ticking away. You write a few crappy lines, and then decide nothing is lining up right. It doesn't go together, the flow is absent. After a few more attempts, you give up, thinking what's the point of posting so late in the day?

A big reason for blog marketing failure is a lack of consistency with your blogging schedule.

Inconsistent blogging can leave a writer feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Frustrated because time sneaks by too fast and we realize that we have limited time to get the work done. Frustrated because when we sit down to write at the last minute, the words rarely flow just right. Frustrated because every time we sit down to write, we feel rushed and uninspired. Overwhelmed because we let another deadline slip by and can't seem to keep up.

This failure is often the result of waiting until the last minute to write our blog posts. I understand the difficulty in maintaining consistency in blogging. I've struggled with this in the past.

It takes time, energy, creativity, and motivation to maintain a blog and to keep up with a schedule, and when we don't allow ourselves those simple needs, we leave the success of our blog up to chance. 

With just this one simple change–writing in advance–, we can turn things around.

I know, sometimes writing at the last minute works; everything just comes together and we're able to pull it off. But what do you do when it doesn't work?

Writing your blog posts in advance will help you establish consistency in your blog marketing. Once readers get a sense of your blogging schedule, they'll start to check back in on their own, looking for more great content.

Here are more reasons to write your blog posts ahead of time:

Peace of Mind

Writing your blog posts in advance will help with your peace of mind. Once they're done, you can schedule a later publishing date. You don't have to worry about posting at a specific hour. You can set it and let it take care of itself.

Stress Reduction

Writing in advance also helps reduce stress. Develop a schedule for blogging and stick to it. Allow for extra time to let those great ideas come through while you weed out the poor ones.


Having a sense of organization can be refreshing. You know that things are already in place and you feel confident in your ability to manage your time efficiently.

Great Writing

When you wait until the last minute to write your blog posts, you're limited on the amount of editing and revising you can do and you risk publishing material that is not at its best. Poor ideas are often the result of last-minute writing. You also run the risk of letting mistakes and typos slip through. Remember, great writing develops through practice and revisions.

Follow this simple step so you're not missing out on opportunities to offer your readers valuable and consistent content.

To Writing!

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