6 Steps to More Business

Are you "stuck" in your business and unable to gain more clients? Then you might have a follow-through problem in your follow-up.

You probably already know that follow-through is important for your business, but you're not really sure how to go about it. Now is your chance to learn how. I will walk you through the steps to ensuring you have a bullet-proof follow-through plan to get more business.

Step 1: Understand your target market. To develop a follow-through plan you must know what information is relevant to your target market.

Step 2: Create a follow-up schedule. Determine how often you want to follow up with your prospects and what type of information you want to offer or provide them.

Step 3: Develop informational materials. These must be relevant to your target market. If you target multiple markets, develop different materials for each one. Don't just create materials for the first phase of your follow-up; do them all.

Step 4: Draft your e-mails/letters. Having these written out in advance will help facilitate your follow-up process.

Step 5: Create a map of your follow-up plan. Write down when you will follow up and which informational piece you will send.

Step 6: Send your e-mails/materials. When it comes time to address each phase of your follow-up plan, send them to your prospects.

Following these six steps will help you become more organized and effective in your business. Why not get started now?
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