An Important Thing to Remember When Building a Business

An Important Thing to Remember When Building a Business
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An Important Thing to Remember When Building a Business

When you're building a business, writing your marketing copy, or growing your writer's platform and readership, here is one important thing to remember: are you keeping your mood and behavior in check when communicating with or working around other people?

You may not realize it, but your mood and behavior can affect how other people feel. Some people absorb other's emotions more easily than others. So, when you are in a bad mood, your speech and body language can show those emotions and transfer to someone else. The recipient may feel anxious, especially if you are in a position of authority, or they may feel angry, depressed, or irritated.

Negativity can show up in your marketing copy, as well, and on your blog.

Our goal and purpose is to lift others up. That includes ourselves. And it has to start with us first because it is extremely difficult to lift others up when we are angry or upset.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and one of the books is First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson (she might still be offering her ebook for free on her website. Check it out – danijohnson.com).

Dani talks about how we need to prosper where we are at before we can move on. We won't be trusted with a better job if we hate our current one. If we hate our job, we need to work on how we think and focus on making it work. If we are focused on negativity, or bad results, we'll get negativity. But if we focus on positive things, we'll get positive things.

We must remember that we get more of what we put out. Being miserable and letting everyone know about it won't help us be successful. It will turn into a downward spiral and we could take others down with us.

How can you stay focused on the positive while you're building a business?

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