One Simple Trick to Writing Better Copy & Getting Your Desired Response

One Simple Trick to Writing Better Copy
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One Simple Trick to Writing Better Copy

Are you just starting out writing marketing materials for your new business? Or are you a writer trying to write promotional materials to sell your new book? If you are trying to write marketing or promotional content for a product or service, you'll want to learn some tricks on writing better copy. 

Writing copy doesn't have to be a chore. It can actually be a fun activity because it lets you exercise your creativity muscle. Who doesn't like to have fun? 

So, here is one simple trick to writing better copy so you can get a better response from prospects and readers.

One simple trick to writing better copy to sell your products or services is to use a template or a "swipe file". Studying the swipe files for the type of material you want to write will help you produce copy that will get results.

When you're just starting out, using a template is really the first step in writing your own copy. Templates can help you structure your writing and they can give you some ideas on what to write and how to write it.

If you study sales letters or marketing flyers produced by the top copywriters, you'll get to know what works. That is the great thing about swipe files. You're able to see how writers structure a particular document, what content they put where, and how they tell a story that engages readers.

While you shouldn't feel that the structure is written in stone or that you can't make your own adjustments, keep in mind that they are the tried and true examples of effective copywriting. So, try to stick to the template. Test it out and make changes gradually. Before you know it, you'll be able to produce your own promotional materials without stressing over the task and pulling your hair out! 

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