How to Avoid Big Mistakes With Your Company Email Newsletter

Company Email Newsletter

How to Avoid Big Mistakes With Your Company Email Newsletter

Over the years, I've written and read numerous company email newsletters. I've read a lot about them and have had special newsletter writing training. I've seen some good ones and I've seen some bad ones.

So, here are some tips on…

…avoiding company email newsletter mistakes

Too Many Links and Graphics

One big mistake is using too many links and graphics in your email newsletter. Doing this is bad for your deliverability–the letter can get caught by spam blockers. It can also translate poorly in the recipient's email client, making it look like spam which could potentially lead the recipient to report it as spam and as a result can get you a bad spam rating with your email management system.

Requiring Readers to Click to See Everything

On the customer side, using too many links and requiring the reader to click through to see everything can annoy the reader. If the reader has to click a separate link for everything that interests him, he's not likely to stick around. That's too much work.

Not Enough Value

A great email newsletter provides value. Valuable content through helpful tips, interesting facts, relevant material. When you don't provide enough value, you don't give the reader a good reason to stick around.

Not Enough Relationship

The email newsletter is an important relationship building tool. The reader receives value and when he needs a service or product that you provide, he's more likely to pick you because of the work you've put into providing him with that value.

Too Much Selling

When every letter is a sales pitch, you lose the confidence and trust the reader had in you, your company, and your services.

Everything is a Sales Pitch

If every section in your newsletter leads to a sales page where the reader has to purchase something to continue reading or receive valuable content, you will lose the reader. There is a time and a place for sending subscribers to your sales pages, but not every link should lead to one.

No Call to Action

There are many different forms of email newsletters. Your newsletter could feature just one article (included in its entirety) with an invitation to share comments at the end or it could have multiple sections with a few sections containing links for further information or reading. There are endless possibilities for newsletters. But make sure you have at least one call to action in your newsletter.

The most important thing to remember is the purpose of a company email newsletter. If your newsletter provides links for coupons, that's one thing, but if the reader wanted tips or helpful information, you better deliver.

What annoys you about the e-newsletters that you receive? Share your comments below or head on over to my Facebook wall. I can't wait to see you there – https://facebook.com/jodycalkinsbiz

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