5 Tips for Better Customer Relationships


5 Tips for Better Customer Relationships

It's no surprise that people have changed over the years, especially in the last five years. And what was popular back in the day isn't necessarily relevant in today's internet age. More and more brands are catching on to the steps they need to take to build trust and relationships with their customers and prospects. And where before there were a rare few who strayed from common salesy marketing techniques, now the competition is greater with so many companies competing to gain a prospect's trust and confidence.

It really creates a buyer's market.

What makes a customer stick around when the service is terrible? What keeps a customer loyal when the company fails to provide value-added services to get them coming back for more?

While the competition is greater, it doesn't mean it has to be harder to market your business. Because of the nature of our modern times, it just takes a bit more creativity, thought, and effort to build trust and meaningful relationships.

Companies build better customer relationships by keeping the following things in mind…

Valuable Content

Providing customers and prospects with valuable content puts your company in a great position to be at the top of their minds when they need a product or service that you provide. It isn't about closing a sale today, but creating a culture that is memorable over the long-term.

I read a great book on marketing last week called Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype by Jay Baer. It talks about building a business by focusing on being useful before attempting to sell a product or service. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend you check it out.

What tips or useful information can you provide to your audience without expecting anything in return (other than possibly an email address)? What can you write about on your company blog and newsletter? What simple tips can you send out periodically to your email list? Can you create an app that would help people solve a problem? What about a Twitter campaign that helps people make a decision? Check out the book. It will give you some more ideas.


Show people that you genuinely care about them. Don't be fake. Don't serve them just so you can close a sale. People feel used when that happens. They feel like a number. Show them that you care and keep showing it long after the sale.


Honesty goes hand-in-hand with genuineness. Don't use false advertising or try to dupe prospects into buying from you by promising things you can't deliver. When writing copy, don't make false claims. Be honest and genuine and offer a valuable service.

Great Service

If you want customers to come back for more, give them a great service. Make it your mission to help them solve a pressing problem. If you can make it easy on the customer, he'll be much more likely to hire you or buy from you again.

Follow Up

Don’t treat a sale like a one-time deal. Find out how your customers are doing. Let them know that you have more products or services to offer. They may not know about everything that you offer, so if you can help them avoid the vetting process of finding another vendor, it would be a win-win for the both of you.

Today's marketing demands that we take a helpful and genuine approach to building a business. So, focus on cultivating your customer base now through valuable content and great service. Be thoughtful and caring and continually work on building those customer relationships.

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