Simple Steps to Battling Research Overkill

Simple Steps to Battling Research Overkill

Simple Steps to Battling Research Overkill
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Simple Steps to Battling Research Overkill

Are you struggling with knowing when to put what you've learned into practice? Are you constantly finding more and more resources to consume before you start your work? I like to call this problem "research overkill".

The good thing about the internet is that we have so many resources available to us. The bad thing about the internet is that we have so many resources available to us. It's a double-edged sword. At what point do we put into practice the information we've learned? How do we stop ourselves from saying, "But wait! There's just one more book I need to finish reading before I get started"?

I struggle with that. I will run into yet another great resource and then I feel I need to finish reading it before I can continue writing for my blog or marketing my business.

At some point, we have to take the reins and stop ourselves from operating that way. We don't need to read another book before we can get started. We don't need to learn everything there is to know about a particular topic before we start. But what we can do is continue with our work while we continue our learning.

Building a business or doing anything worthwhile will take some time and effort. Even after 10 years of learning, there will be more to learn because information becomes outdated. Marketing strategies and best practices change frequently because the platform's rules change. We can't possibly know everything about a particular topic. And there will never be a better time than right now to get started.

So, how do I battle this problem of research overkill?

#1 – I Take Charge

Do yourself a favor and love yourself enough to say, "Look, I don't need to know everything before I get started. I can start with what I do know." This will take some discipline and reinforcement but once you get used to telling yourself "no" whenever you get the urge to learn over work, you'll be well on your way to putting the things you've learned into real practice.

#2 – I Schedule Both

We should never stop learning. Expanding our knowledge base is so important to becoming resilient and flexible in how we market our businesses. But we certainly can't focus on just learning. So, make time in your schedule for both learning AND doing. We need both to build a successful business.

It's really that simple. Not the easiest thing to do, but we need to recognize that learning and research is a form of resistance. It's something that keeps us away from doing our work, writing that blog post, sending that email, writing that web copy.

Keep learning, practicing, and taking action every single day. We don't learn how to write simply by reading about it. We learn how to write by putting our butt in the chair, our fingers on the keyboard (or around the pen), and the words on the page. Move forward by taking daily action. I hope that helps!

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