Why You Need to Experiment With Your Copy and Think Outside the Box

Great Reason to Experiment With Marketing Techniques & Copy Strategies

Great Reason to Experiment With Marketing Techniques & Copy Strategies
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Great Reason to Experiment With Marketing Techniques & Copy Strategies

Have you been using the same old marketing techniques for months, maybe even years? If so, it’s time to open your mind to trying something new.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Branching out into a new approach can be daunting and time consuming. It can be touch and go at the beginning when you just start out. Sometimes it feels like you’re going upstream, fighting your way against the current.

But you know what? If you don’t experiment with your marketing techniques, how will you ever know if there is a better way than the same old marketing tactics and copywriting strategies you’ve always used? What if a new and different strategy pulled in a higher open-rate in your email newsletter? Or what if more people responded to your direct response mailer?

What is holding you back from experimenting with marketing techniques and finding a different way to reach your target audience?

It’s not always easy to try something new, but when you do, you open yourself up to potential opportunities to excel in your work.

So, what areas could you experiment in?

How about a different type of blog post? Maybe you focus on the traditional how-to list post where you provide an opening paragraph or two then follow it up with a 3-step process to a topic in your field. A great way to switch things up would be to write about your company’s take on your industry. Where are things headed in the near or distant future?

How about trying a different style email subject line for your newsletter? Are your current subject lines getting people to open your emails? Could you do better? Instead of a statement or article headline for your subject line, how about asking your readers a question?

If we always stick to what we know, we’ll miss out on opportunities to improve. Study the world’s best copywriters to get some more ideas and you’ll find that there are many ways to experiment with your copy.

So, which marketing techniques are you willing to experiment with this week? I’d love to know! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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