It's Time to Write - Are You Ready to Work Toward Your Writing Dreams?

It’s Time to Write – Are You Ready?

It's Time to Write - Are You Ready to Work Toward Your Writing Dreams?
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It's Time to Write – Are You Ready to Work Toward Your Writing Dreams?

Okay, I have something really important to share with you today. Be warned – you might get offended.

So, here’s the thing. If you have been holding yourself back because of some pesky voice in your head that tells you your writing isn’t good enough, I’m here to say: Get over it. It's time to write!

Do you want to write? If “yes”, then you must write. Simple as that.

It’s time to stop beating yourself up every time you realize you haven’t written a single thing that’s any good. You know why? Because it’s time you told your story. It’s time you stopped playing small and making excuses for why you can’t write.

If you’re waiting to write until your kids grow up and move out of the house, you’re wasting precious time.

Think it will be easier to start when life settles down? When does life ever settle down? Unless you pack up and move to a secluded mountain cottage or a cabin in the woods, guess what? Your life won’t “settle down”. You’ll always have something going on.

If you’re holding off because your spouse or other family member doesn’t support your creative talents, it’s time to take back the reins. It’s your life. You have the responsibility to live it the way God meant for you to live it. You are responsible for your own actions and your own happiness. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Each one of us was given a set of talents to carry out a special purpose. Was it to inspire children to write? Breathe life into their everyday routines? Help young mothers work through the challenges of parenting and finding time for themselves? Offer an escape from a bad home environment and give hope for a brighter future?

What is it that you’re passionate about? If you’re not sure, it’s time you start experimenting and discovering what you really enjoy that could help others.

Don’t wait, and don’t sit idle. Set aside time every day to work on your writing. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day, it’s 15 minutes a day more than before. There is never a better time to get your writing done than right now. You must make time to write and you must do it now. Start today, stay consistent, and everything will start falling into place.

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