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If you're like me, you've had things on your to-do list for weeks. Some things you're really good at. Some things you're not. You know the tasks need to be completed, but you really don't want to do them. They're either too much work or you'd rather do other (easier) things.
You also know you're missing out on their benefits by leaving them undone. Maybe you want to write a new report to send out to your clients and prospects, or create autoresponders to streamline your follow-up methods. When you complete these tasks, you'll increase the chances of getting more business. But something is holding you back.
When you can't pick and choose or outsource them to someone else, you have to do the tasks yourself. So, how do you make sure all tasks are completed?
The next time you tackle your to-do list, try my new method. I started doing my to-do list a new way. I use a dry-erase board and I have two sections. One is a list of tasks that need to be completed. The other is for what I'm working on NOW. I write down a task I will work on and when it's complete, I erase it from my to-do list and the NOW section. Then I move onto something else.
Here's what you do:
  • Write "NOW" somewhere on your to-do list and write down a task.
  • Work on that task until it's complete
  • Repeat.
Tip: If your tasks are huge tasks, break them down into smaller tasks. For example, if you want to write a report to send to your clients, start with an outline. Next, write a first draft (a bad first draft often paves the way to a better draft). After that, revise it to create a second draft, and so on.
So, what do you do to be more productive? We'd love to learn about your experiences with improving productivity!
About the Author: Jody Calkins is a copywriter who helps her clients communicate effectively to their customers and prospects through articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports. For more information, please visit https://jodycalkins.com.


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