Simple Step to Building Relationships & Gaining Loyal Customers

Simple Step to Building Relationships & Gaining Loyal Customers
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Simple Step to Building Relationships & Gaining Loyal Customers

Last Monday, I talked about raising awareness for your new product. Today, I am going to share with you some more tips that will help you when you are preparing your marketing campaign for a new product release.

A few weeks ago, I talked about the Thank You page for your product and I touched briefly on the special note to send along with your shipment. But let's take it a step further.

When preparing your marketing materials for your new release, I recommend that you include the special Thank You note or letter to your checklist.

Why do you need it?

The special note adds extra value to the buying process and helps you build relationships and gain loyal customers. It gives a nice touch, especially for physical products delivered via mail.

Just think about getting a Christmas gift with no note inside. You know it came from your Aunt Janice, but wouldn't it feel a bit odd to open the package and find only a present inside? No card stock paper with a special message telling you to enjoy the gift?

Leaving out the special note takes away the connection and the relationship-building opportunities, which are so important when it comes to providing value in the marketplace.

When customers open the package, they'll likely go through everything else you send with the product. They're excited to be getting something delivered to their door or mailbox, and they're excited about getting your product (or at least, looking forward to getting it – why else did they order it?).

If you are selling a digital product and you store the file in a downloadable compressed folder (.zip), you can still use a special Thank You note. Simply title it, "Special Note", or something that your readers won't ignore, and save a PDF copy of it in the compressed folder. When the customer downloads the zip file and finds the special note inside, he may or may not open it, but at least you are giving him the opportunity to see it.

I don't recommend adding the special note text to the front of your digital product (i.e., ebook). If you ever wanted to swap out the special note, you would have to mess with the whole file and you run the risk of altering the format and layout of your document. It's just easier to remove the individual file and replace it with a different one.

So, what do you say in your special Thank You note?

Say "thank you", of course, but also provide something of value, a simple or quick tip customers can use right away in their business or their day-to-day routine. Offering a tip is a great way to build relationships and gain loyal customers for your business.

What quick tip could you give them that would help them take the next step or improve something relating to what your product offers?

There are many things you can do with the verbiage and design. And you could handwrite each one or use a font that looks like handwriting. Imagine getting a real handwritten note with each package that arrived on your doorstep or in the mail. Wouldn't that make you feel special?

Do something nice for your customers that makes them feel special.

And always invite them to connect with you on Facebook for more tips and inspiration. Let them know they can get in touch with you to ask questions that you could feature in an upcoming article.

If your buyer list is synced to your email marketing list, great. If not, express the value customers would get from registering for your newsletter and offer them a free gift for staying connected.

Next week, I'll be talking about the last topic in the marketing campaign checklist, so be sure to check back on Monday for more tips.

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