Your Marketing Campaign Checklist For a New Product Release

Your Marketing Campaign Checklist For a New Product Release

Your Marketing Campaign Checklist For a New Product Release
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Your Marketing Campaign Checklist for a New Product Release

When you're releasing a new product (i.e., book, training program, etc.) into the marketplace, you want to have your marketing campaign prepared ahead of time. That way, each step of the process will be ready on your product release date.

There is a fair amount of work to do to get your marketing package ready for the product release. Here are some things you'll need:

  1. The Landing Page or Sales Page
  2. List Forms
  3. Sign-Up Form for the Sidebar
  4. The Thank You Page
  5. About Page (to include in your product)
  6. Autoresponder Series
  7. Email Marketing Campaign to Your Existing List
  8. The Shopping Cart
  9. Social Media Campaign
  10. Promo in Your Email Signature
  11. Elevator Pitch about the New Product or Service
  12. Thank You Note to Include in Shipment (if shipping product to a physical address)
  13. Flyer/Brochure

Having these things prepared (or, at the very least, drafted) prior to your product release date will help streamline the process of releasing a product into the marketplace. It will also cut down on your stress levels. Why is it things get really busy or things come up right when you're in the middle of something big like a product release?

An effective way to prevent this: get the writing done ahead of time.

I have found that being prepared at least a few days in advance helps reduce my stress and overwhelm. It also allows me to take the time to be creative. When I'm on deadline, I make things work, but I am certainly more creative when I have more time to think things through. The words also flow much easier this way.

I also don't have to fight to stay focused on the task at hand rather than on the urgency of the situation. I have a hard time dragging myself back into writing. It takes a lot of mind control to stay focused and to not feel rushed.

Check out these tips and tricks for each of these marketing campaign documents to use for your product release. Get started by clicking one of the links above.

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