3 Special Pages to Write For a Successful Product Release

3 Special Pages to Write For a Successful Product Release

	3 Special Pages to Write For a Successful Product Release
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3 Special Pages to Write For a Successful Product Release

In this marketing campaign checklist series, we've been talking about landing pages and list forms. Today, I wanted to share some tips that will help you have a successful product release. There are a few special pages that you will want to prepare before you release your new product. Let's get started.

Any informational product (i.e., book, workbook, audio CD) should include an "about" page that allows readers to see the "wizard behind the curtain." This document is typically found at the back of the product.

The idea here is to get your customers to remember you.

So, just like a publisher includes biographical data on the dust jacket of a hardcover book, include a professional picture of yourself (or the product's creator) along with a little biography. This could be a few sentences or a whole page. Make it relevant and interesting.

There are many different routes you can take with the voice of the biography. You could write it as if someone else wrote it, it could be formal, or it could be informal and conversational. It's up to you. Choose whichever one fits your personality the best.

I'm more of a straightforward individual with a dry sense of humor, so even though I could write my bio to be fun and entertaining, that might not be the best choice. If you were to meet me in person, you would likely find that I am far from "Fun Country." So, it just depends on your personality and style.

Another item to create prior to your marketing campaign is the "thank you" page. "Thank You" pages are easy. You thank the reader for buying your product and then provide the download link (if electronic) or instructions on how the reader will receive the product. Then just include the landing page copy to remind them about all the great benefits they'll receive (in case they forgot).

On this page, it's not necessary to include the list/sign up form. However, it's possible a reader might stumble upon your thank you page by accident without having purchased or signed up for your product. To give them the opportunity to access your information through the proper channels, either include the sign up form, the buy button, or a link to your product's landing/sales page.

If your product is available in a packageable form, you will also want to include a special letter of thanks that gets sent along with the shipment. Again, thank the customer for his interest in your materials and then offer something of value.

Things to consider here include a helpful tip relating to your product; a link to an article relating to your product; or a free offer such as a downloadable weekly planner or a white paper. Then invite the customer to connect with you on social media.

Including these special pages will help you have a successful product release. The object is to focus on the customer experience. Make the customer feel good about buying from you and you'll have a loyal customer for life.

Next week, I'll be talking about how you can stay connected with your customer after the transaction, so stay tuned… In the meantime, hop on over to my Facebook page and be sure to say "hi!" – https://facebook.com/jodycalkinsbiz

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