Four Must-Haves For Any Landing Page On Your Website

Four Must-Haves For Any Landing Page On Your Website

Four Must-Haves For Any Landing Page On Your Website
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Four Must-Haves For Any Landing Page On Your Website

When you have a product to sell, you need to give it its own web page, a page that talks about why a customer should buy it. It should talk about benefits, features, and product uses.

But the page needs a bit more information than that. Let's dig a little deeper.


Every landing page or sales page should have headlines. Not just one at the top, but several throughout the page. Headlines can make your biggest benefits stand out from the crowd.

And when they're added throughout the page, they help break up the text into digestible chunks of information. Readers will have an easier time skimming your landing page if you add intriguing headlines throughout the page.


If you can tell a story about how your product has helped you or someone else, then share it with the world. Your ideal customers need to know about it so they can resolve their own urgent, pressing problems.

If you are selling your new book (whether fiction or nonfiction), tell a short story about how your book (the pre-released version) has improved the life of a beta reader.

Is your book about a difficult topic such as depression or suicide? Talk about how it has helped readers feel like they are not alone.


Bullets are the best thing since sliced bread. Okay, maybe not, but they are important! Not only do they highlight all of the benefits of your product, but they also deliver the benefits in a skim-friendly format.

We all know readers don't want to spend all day reading your sales letter. So, give them what they need to make an informed decision. What will readers learn from your product? How will their lives improve by using your product or reading your book? Will they feel inspired to achieve their goals? Will they feel encouraged to take a big step?


This is an important one. We already talked about headlines and bullets, two things that play a big role in making a landing page easy to read. But we can take it a bit further.

What else makes text easy to read? These can include simple things like varying the alignment of text (e.g., centered for headlines, left-aligned for main text) and the font size and color (e.g., big font and vibrant colors for headlines or other words you want the readers to see), as well as keeping paragraphs to an easily-readable length.

Other ways to make your landing page easier to read include adding sidebars and other callout boxes to highlight important details or benefits.

The key here with layout is to break out the copy in digestible chunks of information.

Next week, I'll be talking about list forms, another tool you need to have ready for your marketing campaign for your new product. Stay tuned…

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