3 Email Types to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts for a New Product Release

3 Email Types to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts for a New Product Release
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3 Email Types to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts for a New Product Release

Over the last month, I've been sharing tips on how you can make the most of your marketing efforts for a new product release. I've talked about landing pages, list forms, autoresponders, and special pages.

Today, I'll be sharing some quick tips on email marketing.

You've probably heard about building a platform and the notion of building it now before you have anything to offer to readers, especially if you're a novelist.

Well, the same goes for email marketing to promote your new product.

The idea behind starting it now is that before you even have a product or a book to sell, you are building relationships and paving the way for that day when you finally release your product.

Before their publication dates, authors run contests, they reveal their book covers, and they provide excerpts of their work to get readers excited about their new books. They offer these teasers to build excitement and to raise awareness about their books, getting their names out there in front of more people.

Marketers and entrepreneurs can do the same with their informational products.

When you've built a following and readers know, like, and trust you, they want to know what you have in the works, especially if it is something they can benefit from.

To make the most of your marketing efforts, take advantage of email marketing with the following tips.

Pre-Release Email

Before you release your new product, build the excitement. Send an email to your list to let your readers know you have something in the works that will help them solve a pressing problem. Tell them why they need to care about your upcoming product.

Release Email

For the email that you will send to your list on your release date, pull from the benefits you included on your landing page. Engage your readers, interest them, entice them. But don't tell them too much. Make the email easy to read, and write it as if you are writing specifically to them. Put it in email letter format. And be sure to include a link to your landing page.

Post-Release Email

You will also want to write a post-release email that will allow you to remind readers about your new product in case they missed the email you sent on your release date or if they didn't have time to check it out.

Let them know that you didn't want them to miss out on your offer. And if you received an overwhelming response or if you have testimonials from your release, be sure to share that in this email.

If you were able to sync your merchant account with your subscriber list to capture your buyers' email addresses, send this email to the people who did not buy your product by excluding the buyer list from your broadcast message.

Now that we've gone through several key ways to maximize your marketing efforts for a product release, what questions do you have? Is there anything you'd like me to talk more about in future articles?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to shoot me an email or come on over to my Facebook wall – https://facebook.com/jodycalkinsbiz.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

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