10 Small Steps to Healthier Living – Part 2

10 Small Steps to Healthier Living – Part 2

10 Small Steps to Healthier Living – Part 2
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10 Small Steps to Healthier Living – Part 2

Last Monday, I posted Part 1 of 10 Small Steps to Healthier Living. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Today, I have five more steps to share with you to help you improve your health so you can have better focus during your writing sessions.

Let's get started.

#6 – Allow Yourself to Be Happy With Your Progress

It doesn’t matter how much you write or how much money you make if you never allow yourself to be happy with your progress. If you don’t allow yourself this one simple thing, stress and frustration will take over and we all know stress causes health problems. So, keep working at it and be happy with any progress you make toward your goals.

#7 – Exercise a Few Minutes a Day

If committing to a workout schedule is too much for you right now, make a point to exercise or stretch for just a few minutes a day. A few minutes of exercise or stretching is better than none at all.

When you get up from your chair, stretch your legs, do a few lunges, run in place or jump a few times. Get up out of the chair and stretch!

#8 – Gather Healthy Recipes

There’s no sense getting geared up to cook if you don’t have any recipes to use. I have found it works best to gather recipes, figure out a meal schedule for the week, make a grocery list of only items that you need to make the dishes, and then make a quick run to the store.

Choose recipes that are quick and easy to make. Spending an hour or two in the kitchen when you’re short on writing or business time will not inspire motivation to continue with your healthy eating (unless of course eating healthy is a huge priority for you and you’re willing to forego other plans or commitments).

#9 – Cut Out Junk Food, Fast Food, and Dinners Out

We all know junk food and fast food are unhealthy, so cutting those out will result in better health. Eating at home and cooking your own meals instead of dining at restaurants is the healthier way to go (not to mention cheaper). You can control the types of oils (i.e., butter vs. coconut oil) that go into your meals and you also have more control over portion sizes.

#10 – Reduce Stress By Getting a Handle On Your Schedule

Whether you work at a particular time of the day or you wing it with a list of tasks to complete within the week, having a plan for when you will work and what you will be doing during that time will help you be more productive. This will, in turn, lower your stress levels and help you live a healthier life.

I find that having a list of small, doable tasks gives me enough direction to get moving and to stay moving.

BONUS TIP #11 – Be Willing to Grow and Seek to Improve

Reading self-improvement books and being open to change for the better will help improve your health.

As I mentioned in Part 1, focusing on the negative and letting stress and despair take over is a good way to promote diseases. Oftentimes, what we need is a shift in mindset. A shift to see things in a new light so that we can live a happier and healthier life by improving the one we're in.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to your health?

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