10 Small Steps to Healthier Living - Part 1

10 Small Steps to Healthier Living – Part 1

10 Small Steps to Healthier Living - Part 1
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10 Small Steps to Healthier Living – Part 1

Taking a full leap into healthy living is a daunting task. There are so many things one must do to live a healthy lifestyle. And it is hard to stick to it.

I have found maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly to be the most challenging. I get excited about starting, I get the recipes figured out and the grocery list completed, the food bought and a dish or two cooked, but then I burn out. I think about how much time I’ve spent on cooking and cleaning (two chores I loathe) and I decide it’s too much with my busy schedule.

Exercising ends with the same conclusion. Things are busy, and with limited time, I need to prioritize.

Sure, my health is important but committing to maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise is too much for me right now. I can’t do it all, but I can work toward it with baby steps.

So, here is Part 1 of my 10 small steps to healthier living.

#1 – Remove Harmful Chemicals

Have you seen what is in common household products such as shampoo, deodorant, and cleaners? With all of the harmful chemicals these products contain, it’s no wonder so many people get cancer. Swapping these out for healthy alternatives is a quick and easy way to start living a healthier life.

One of the first things I did this year to begin removing harmful chemicals from my routine was I switched to the Young Living shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste. I love them. They are free of harmful chemicals and I am starting to see improvements with them.

Another important thing is I’m not spending any extra time using these than I was on the old products, so it doesn’t cut into my writing or business time.

#2 – Drink More Water

Staying hydrated with water helps improve energy levels without the consumption of sugars or sugar-free alternatives such as aspartame which has been linked to cancer.

It’s also not time-consuming; you’re going to drink something anyway so choose water.

#3 – Add Oils to Your Water

Don’t like plain water? In addition to being good for your health, essential oils make plain water taste good. And it takes just a few seconds to add a drop or two to your water.

My favorite oil for drinking water is Peppermint. I use it in plain water (both hot and cold). Peppermint helps with stomach issues and Lemon aids in cleansing the body.

#4 – Add Oils to Your Morning Routine

For healthy skin, add a drop of Frankincense essential oil to your facial cleanser. It only takes an extra few seconds. I started doing this about a month ago instead of putting it on the bottoms of my feet.

Also, instead of putting on perfume, use essential oils. Many of them have pleasing aromas and they all have healthy benefits without the side effects.

Another oil I use every morning as mentioned above is Peppermint, and my first cup of the day contains either Peppermint, Grapefruit, or Lemon.

For your mental health, use Believe to inspire confidence, Valor to promote strength, or Peace & Calming to calm your nerves.

There are many oils to choose from for a large variety of symptoms, so just choose which one you need.

#5 – Focus On Positivity

Living a healthier life requires that we let go of the negative things and focus on the positive ones as stress causes illnesses and diseases.

When we focus on reducing our stress levels by immersing ourselves in positivity, we allow our health to improve. Your stomach isn’t tied in knots all the time and you’re not grumbling at work all day. You allow yourself to have fun and have a sense of humor that promotes health.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series where I'll be talking about five more small steps to improving your health.

Staying healthy and feeding your body and mind with good things will help you stay on top of your goals. What are some ways you can improve your health and lifestyle right now?

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