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How to Find More Writing Time to Get More Words On the Page

How to Find More Writing Time to Get More Words On the Page
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How to Find More Writing Time to Get More Words On the Page

Finding time to write can be challenging, especially when we already feel swamped. How could we possibly devote more time to our writing work?

We already know that if we want to write we need to make it a priority, and sometimes it calls for a creative approach to find more writing time and get the writing in every day.

Maybe you have a full-time job that keeps you from writing as much as you'd like. While it may not be ideal for your particular situation, I want you to consider what it would look like if you had an extra part-time job. What would a typical day look like? Would you be working an extra 3-4 hours a few days per week? Now, what would it look like if you treated your writing like that part-time job? You wouldn't be allowed any distractions at the new job – you would be expected to show up and do your work.

Now, I'm not suggesting you hire a babysitter and camp out at the library three nights a week, but this general idea is something to think about. How could you treat your writing more like a part-time job so you can get your writing done?

Many writers work full-time jobs to support their families or lifestyle. And they somehow manage to get the writing done. Somehow they manage to publish one book (or even more) each year despite their work and family time commitments. Maybe they get a few hours in on the weekends or maybe they're able to write for an hour or two after everyone goes to bed. I know some writers who put in long work days (10-12 hours) and then write in the evenings. It can be done, but it must be a priority.

Another thing to consider is time wasters. What time wasters can you eliminate? Do you find yourself watching too much TV? Reading blogs you don't need to be reading? Staring off into space at the DMV or the doctor's office? How do you spend your lunch breaks? Your other work breaks?

Elimination of time wasters may not be practical, but reduction is certainly doable. If you manage your time and take advantage of those few minutes you normally spend staring off into space, you'll find yourself making it a habit to make use of that time.

Getting the writing done is possible; it's just all in how we view the time we're given.

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