How to get unstuck and write great content

How to Get Unstuck and Write Great Blog Content

How to get unstuck and write great blog content

How to Get Unstuck and Write Great Blog Content

It's that time again. Your blog needs attention and there you are sitting at your desk or with your computer trying not to pull your hair out. What on earth are you going to write about and how do you make it interesting so your readers actually read it?

That is the million dollar question. Okay, maybe not. But it would sure make your life a little easier if you knew the answer and felt confident about it.

So, what do you write about on your blog? Well… what are your readers dying to know?

It's not fair that I answered a question with a question, so I'll help you out.

How do you find out what your readers will be interested in? (Another question. Hang in there with me.)

We have to find out what our readers are interested in, and to do that, we have to know first who our readers are and who we want to attract.

It also helps to know why we want to write a blog. Are we looking for more traffic to our website? Do we want to provide helpful information to our existing customer base to increase our know, like, and trust factor? Do we want to expand our business or sell informational products on our website? Or do we want recognition from other industry experts?

Another important question to ask is: who will get the most benefit from our blog content? The answer better not be "me" (more on that in a future post).

So, we've figured out the why and the who. Now onto the what…

To get ideas on what to write about, we need to figure out where our readers hang out. What forums do they visit and comment on? What blogs do they read? What books do they read? This is where we listen in. What are they saying about the challenges they face (the ones we can help them solve)?

We also need to pay attention to emotion-filled words and phrases. How do they feel about their challenges? What *are* their specific challenges?

Then we need to ask ourselves how we can break down the solutions into bite-sized pieces and talk about them in a blog post. What little tip or news piece can we share that can help them solve a pressing problem or get them one step closer to improving a small area of their lives?

Coming up with great blog content can be a challenge, but once we know the answers to these tough questions, our job as bloggers gets easier.

I hope that helps!

Best regards,

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