Writing Blog Content When You Don't Feel Like Writing

4 Steps to Writing Blog Content When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Writing Blog Content When You Don't Feel Like Writing

4 Steps to Writing Blog Content When You Don't Feel Like Writing

Maintaining a blog, if you do it right, requires consistency. Once you decide how often to post a new blog article, you need to stick with it. So, what do you do when a new blog post needs to be published right away but you haven't started it yet and you don't feel like writing?

Here are some helpful tips…

Step 1 – Give yourself five minutes to come up with some ideas. Set the timer. Go! Get to brainstorming and don't stop until the timer goes off. Just make sure these ideas are relevant to your blog's focus, of course.

Step 2 – Pick an idea that interests you the most. What idea stands out? What idea could be the easiest to write?

Step 3 – Set another five minutes to focus on fleshing out the outline. What points do you want to share in your post? And how do you want to structure it? This doesn't have to be written in stone – you can always make changes when writing your post to align with what flows naturally to you.

Step 4 – Set the timer for 15 minutes. Get to writing.

Still don't feel like it? Here's some tough love: you are a professional so stop complaining and get to work. The more time you give yourself, the more time you take. When you're up against the clock, you're more motivated to get as much done as you can.

If you can get the whole first draft written in these 15 minutes, great job! If not, give yourself another five minutes. The trick is to keep writing, but avoid writing gibberish – you're writing for your blog not a freewriting session. You don't get to write the same words over and over until you think of something else.

There you have it. Now read your first draft several times and see where you can improve it. Then get that post up on your blog.

If you apply these steps each time you write a blog post, you'll start to get really efficient with it. You want to make sure you're providing valuable content; that should be your main goal. But you also need to make sure you're getting the work done so you can blog consistently.

I hope that helps!

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