How to Improve Productivity With One Simple Tip

Improve Productivity With Writing

How to Improve Productivity With One Simple Tip

Have you ever sat down to do your work and then you floundered around for a bit, checking Facebook, reviewing your site stats, playing on Twitter? Then you finally realized you weren't getting anything done?

I have caught myself doing that many times. You feel like you should be doing something important, but you just can't think of anything to do. You know it isn't right because, when you own a business, there is always something to do.

Here is what I do to improve productivity…

One of the things that helps me to improve productivity is to write out my to-do lists ahead of time. It's so simple and a no-brainer, but not everyone does it consistently.

I'm always in favor of a plan and a schedule and it makes sense to plan out the week. That way, we can mark the tasks for each day in our planner and we don't have to start working on things until the right day. We can also look ahead and start working on future tasks if we have more time than we thought.

A planned to-do list helps you stay focused on your work, giving you direction when you start looking for something to do. It also puts you on a mission. If you know the specifics of what you need to do and where you want to go, you'll have much better focus than if you just had a general goal.

It's like deciding what to do on the weekends. Sometimes, my husband and I will want to go out and do something but we end up staying home because we couldn't think of anything that we actually wanted to do. It's hard to justify burning fuel to drive around the neighborhood.  

When we keep tasks in our head, we're likely to forget about them, leaving us twiddling our thumbs and checking our Facebook walls for the 20th time. But when we write out our tasks for the week, we give ourselves the opportunity to improve productivity and keep moving forward toward our dreams.

Do you struggle with productivity?

With love,

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