How to Create a Reading Routine

Create a Reading Routine

How to Create a Reading Routine

Are you struggling with creating a reading routine? You want to pick up reading and you understand the benefit, but you just can't seem to stick with it. Maybe you're bored or you can't sit still or you read too slow. Whatever the case may be, you still want to make it a habit and "just do it" isn't working for you.

I have some tips that might help you create a reading routine...

#1 – Start small.

Start with a small daily time commitment. I like to recommend 10-15 minutes because it gives you time to get past one page, but it isn't a super long time where you're looking around for something else to do. You can also feel good about your progress. So, start small. Don't do too much.

#2 – Have a purpose.

Why do you want to read? What do you want to achieve? Keep those things in mind as you work to create a reading routine.

#3 – Have a goal.

If you want to read one book per month or one per week, make it easier on yourself by breaking out the number of pages into a daily goal. Breaking it out will lessen the overwhelm and give you a sense of achievement throughout the week. If the book is 250 pages and you want to read it in one week, then your daily goal for that week is 36 pages per day.

#4 – Keep track of your progress.

I have a list of the books on my shelves in an Excel spreadsheet that I update with the finish date every time I finish reading a book. That way, I can see how many books I've read throughout the year. It's easy to forget about them and underestimate just how much I've actually read. So, it's a great way to see your progress, especially when you discover that you've read more than you thought.

#5 – Don't like it? Find another book.

No one says you have to stick with a book if you don't like it. You're not a quitter. I've stopped reading my fair share of books that didn't interest me. I just pick another one. I will say though that I trudged through a novel that didn't start making sense until about the 200th page and it turned out to be one of my favorite books.

#6 – Don't give up.

Stick with it and it will eventually become second nature to you. If you're still struggling, consider reducing your daily page goal. I don't suggest using a chapter goal. Sometimes the chapters get really long. Just do what you will be able to stick to.

I'd love to hear about your progress. Check back in and let me know what new books you have read. Can't wait to see you! – facebook.com/jodycalkinsbiz

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