How to Win Business With Great Marketing Copy - Or Lose It!

How to Win Business With Marketing Copy – Or Lose It!

How to Win Business With Marketing Copy - Or Lose It!
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How to Win Business With Marketing Copy – Or Lose It!

The cold hard truth: Marketing copy can make or break your business.

Which is why you've probably heard that copy is the most important element in your marketing and communications materials.

What do you do, or think, when you see a company's brochure or website littered with errors? Do you use their services anyway? Most likely, you do not.

Why? Because most people want to do business with professionals. We want to know that the company we are paying our hard-earned money to will complete the job and get it done right.

Grammatical errors, misspellings, inconsistencies, formatting errors, ambiguities, and wordy or irrelevant language in your business materials speak volumes to your customers and prospects. When we see these errors, we think, "If a company doesn't take the time to correct writing errors, what else will it neglect?" 

It's all about psychology. These errors tell us that we are not important to you and that you don't take your business seriously.

Whether or not you really do take your business seriously and provide top-notch service to all of your customers, it really doesn't matter when these errors are involved. Prospects who view this negligence as a turn-off will have a difficult time justifying giving their hard-earned money to you. And while they will be missing out on great service, provided you actually do provide great service, your business will lose a sale.

And it doesn't matter if the errors are in your web copy, brochures, flyers, business agreements, communications, or advertisements. Stated simply, errors in your business communications and marketing materials make us lose confidence in your company's ability to provide a satisfactory service.

So, when it comes to earning trust and respect from your customers and prospects, that first impression means everything. Professional marketing copy is one thing you can't do without.

Now, minor errors may not cause much detriment to your business–everyone makes a typo every now and then–, but letting them continue can lead to lost business and lost revenue, which means less money in your pocket.

Keeping your marketing materials free of errors will do wonders for your business, allowing you to see more business and revenue as a result.

But keep in mind that errors aren't the only things holding you back from more business. Your copy must be relevant to your target audience and it must address a need or want your audience has.

Are you ready to make a great first impression? Contact me today to get started on your new written materials.

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