How to Use Newsletters to Build Relationships With Your Customers

How to Use Newsletters to Build Relationships With Your Customers

How to Use Newsletters to Build Relationships With Your Customers
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How to Use Newsletters to Build Relationships With Your Customers

If you're in business to sell a product or service, one of your big goals is to gain loyal customers and prospective customers. A newsletter is a great way to help you achieve this goal.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is an effective way to validate your existence in business and to build customer and prospect confidence in your products and/or services.

It's like an official stamp that says, “Hey, I'm still in business and I'm here to help when you want me.”

Regular newsletters help you develop relationships with your customers and prospects and it's a way to get you in front of them on a regular basis.

The saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind."

And it's true. If it's been a month or longer since they last heard from you, there's a good chance they've forgotten about you, and when they need something that you provide, they may very well not think of you. That's not good for your business. You need people to think of you (in a good way) every time they need a product or service that you can offer them. People are forgetful; they're busy. They'll forget about you if you don't show up on a regular basis.

So, if you remind your customers and prospects about your business, that you do still exist and that you're there to serve them, they'll be significantly more likely to choose you.

A company without a newsletter going out at least once a month is losing its opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with its customers and prospects. Even if the customer or prospect never subscribes to your newsletter, the simple fact that you have one will help validate how serious you are about being in business. A newsletter is like a seat belt; you just need it whether you are traveling half a mile or 3,000.

Keeping in Touch With Your Readers

Do you have news to share with your readers? Is your company hosting a barbeque for the public? How about a teleseminar on a topic your prospects and customers need to know about? What about a book signing?

Keeping in touch with your readers through regular newsletters to share what's happening at your company helps build a better bond. It's also a great way to ask them questions so you can better serve them and their needs in the future. What they need can be determined simply by asking, but you won't be able to do that if you don't have a way to connect with them. A newsletter can help you do that.

When people get to see YOU, they feel a greater connection with you.

And when they see your face and they hear your voice rather than those of your company, they feel special, like they're an integral part of your business (which they are). You need them so you can stay in business and keep providing them with the products and services that they love.

An important thing to remember when developing and sending your newsletters is that customers love to hear from you, especially if you're a celebrity in their eyes or if you have helpful content to offer them.

Are you ready to develop your newsletter and start building relationships with your customers and prospects?

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