Not to Jinx It But It's Been Years Since I Was Sick - Here's My Secret to Staying Healthy

Not to Jinx It But It’s Been Years Since I Was Sick – Here’s My Secret to Staying Healthy

Not to Jinx It But It's Been Years Since I Was Sick - Here's My Secret to Staying Healthy
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Not to Jinx It But It's Been Years Since I Was Sick – Here's My Secret to Staying Healthy

It’s officially going on two years since I had so much as a scratchy throat. And I’m attributing that to the Young Living products I’ve been using over the years.

I’ve been a Young Living distributor since January 2013. I absolutely love the essential oils. I use them every day along with many of their other products.

But my favorite success is managing to avoid laryngitis. In the past, every time I’d get a sore throat, it’d get so bad that I’d end up losing my voice. Every time. But not anymore. Now I slather oils on my throat throughout the day and use essential oil-infused cough drops to soothe the discomfort. It may take two or three days for my throat to fully recover, but that’s far better than losing my voice for who knows how long.

So, what does my daily routine for better health look like?

They say that essential oils have vibrational frequencies and that whenever you use them, you improve the frequency in your body. And if your frequency is at a certain level, it’s impossible for cancer to survive. That’s the very basic overview, but if you’re interested in learning more, here’s a great website to check out about vibrational frequencies. So, my main goal is just to use oils.

I use Geranium in my facial lotion and Clary Sage on my wrists in the morning. Then occasionally throughout the day, I’ll apply Stress Away or EN-R-GEE to my wrists and neck. I try to take the Super B and Super C vitamins every day, but sometimes I forget. Then as an afternoon booster, I’ll drink two ounces of NingXia Red, which is a tasty juice filled with antioxidants and vitamins.

Throughout the day, I also drink two bottles of water with essential oils. Sometimes I add Lemon to my drinking water (in a glass bottle only!) and other times I’ll add Peppermint.

Recently, I discovered that I have a dairy allergy and that it’s almost impossible to eat out at restaurants without suffering the consequences since a lot of places cook with butter. While I’m certainly not trying to incorporate dairy into my diet, I’ve discovered an effective solution that helps keep me from feeling sick whenever we dine out or eat anything with a trace of dairy in it. The solution? Young Living’s Allerzyme supplement. This is seriously the best thing that has happened to me since my discovery! Without it, I’d be refusing to dine out or even eat food someone else cooked. I was really starting to develop some serious trust issues.

One last thing that I try to do several times a week is diffuse essential oils in my Bamboo diffuser. It keeps sick germs away and makes the house smell wonderful.

In terms of avoidances, I should note that I do not generally use chemical household cleaners and I try to stay away from processed sugar as much as I can.

All of these things combined contribute to better health. And when my husband was sick with a cold and fever several weeks ago, I managed to stay healthy. I know a lot of people believe essential oils are a waste of money, but ever since I started using them (after I spent an expensive five hours in the emergency room for severe dehydration caused by a bad case of the stomach flu, by the way), I’ve hardly had more than a sore throat. So, for me, I’m all about ‘em. I’ll waste my money any day if it means I can avoid getting a cold!

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