How Do You Know If You Should Publish an Article?

How Do You Know If You Should Publish Your Article?

How Do You Know If You Should Publish Your Article?
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How Do You Know If You Should Publish Your Article?

There are some good reasons for not blogging about particular topics. I've refrained from publishing some things. Things that people need to hear at some point in their lives but just not from me. How do you decide what you should publish and what you shouldn't?

As you write, certain topics will come to you. Maybe they're controversial topics or maybe they're ones that can be hard to hear. The question you need to ask yourself is this: does the topic keep nagging at me?

I've put off writing about certain topics because they didn't seem right at the time. But other times, I've been compelled to publish topics even though they were difficult to write. I felt those were articles that needed to be shared.

Maybe what you are afraid to write is the very thing you should be writing. Maybe if you're worried about ruffling feathers, it's a topic that needs to be published so that someone else can finally experience peace.

Are you worried that someone might think you're writing about him? That's how writing works – you write what you feel compelled to write and it either connects with someone or it doesn't. More than likely, there is someone it connects with whether you find out about it or not. That's how a person knows what areas to focus on. Those are areas that God is working on in their own lives.

So, when you're contemplating a particular article you've been working on and you're not sure if you should publish it, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is this an article that I can complete? (not all articles want to be finished yet)
  • Do I feel drawn to this topic?
  • Do I feel pushed to send this out?
  • Have I learned enough about this topic so I'm able to write an encouraging article?
  • Am I sharing the topic in a positive way or is there a hint of negativity there? (Note: If there is negativity in your article, you may not be ready to publish it yet. You may need a friend to review your article to get a second opinion.)
  • Is God placing it on my heart to write it?

If you're having a hard time writing a particular topic, but you feel compelled to publish it, see if you can keep working on it but publish it in a week or two. That way you don't feel pressured to get it done right away. That will also give you more time to think about how to convey the message.

The beauty of writing from the heart is that it touches the hearts of others. If you focus on writing from the heart, you can't go wrong.

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