Top 5 Reasons to Be a Writer

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Writer

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Writer
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Top 5 Reasons to Be a Writer

Being a writer is a pretty neat job. Not everyone is called to be a writer, but for those of us who are, it feels like it's in our blood. It's not something that can go away, and there isn't a switch that we can turn off. We don't just stop having an urge to write; there is always that compulsion within us, even if we've let whole decades slip by.

When we write, when we create new worlds and characters, we're in our element. It might be hard work, but there isn't anything else we'd rather do (unless you're an editor, too).

Procrastination and self-doubt get in the way, but if we let those things keep us from writing, eventually we get fired up enough that we write no matter what.

With the writerly job title, there come many great reasons to write.

Here are my top five reasons to be a writer.

Learn New Things

Being a writer gives us a great excuse to learn new things. And we can use it as our excuse for researching the weird questions that pop in our head that we might use for a story. So, when someone asks, "Why on earth are you learning about that?", we can simply say, "It's for the book I'm writing."

Stare Off Into Space

When you're a writer, it's perfectly acceptable to stare off into space and be lost in your own thoughts. Sure, it can work well with other professions, too, but who can say those professions are as interesting as ours?

Create Stuff

Creating new worlds is pretty darn cool. It's your world; all you have to do is make it believable. And you're free to study and analyze human behavior because in a story, a character's thoughts and actions are supposed to make sense.

Talk to Imaginary People

It's perfectly acceptable to talk to imaginary people when you're a writer. No other profession allows for this (unless you're a film maker, but even that would classify you as a writer since it would be a form of screenwriting and storytelling).

Entertain Or Inspire

And best of all, we get to entertain, encourage, or inspire our readers. In the end, it's not about us. It's about our readers. If we can entertain them or inspire them in some way, we've done the job well.

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