What You Should Know About Copywriting – Part 2

What You Should Know About Copywriting - Part 2
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What You Should Know About Copywriting – Part 2

Who the heck said writing was easy?

The number 1 reason people drop out of writing is that it is hard work and it doesn't always come easily. Newbie writers have these grand images of what the writing should look like and they're pumped and ready to write, but then when they sit down in front of their computer and try to eek out the first few words, the emotional high ends and they sit there twiddling their thumbs (or tapping their fingers on the keys). Welcome to the club, I say.

Those who can't "hack it", quit. Of course, it isn't just with writing. There are plenty of things I have quit, but it's easy to stop doing something that we're not really passionate about. We let it slip away and direct our attention to things that are a bigger priority for us. We could get good at these things if we devoted some time and focus to them.

With consistency, practice, time, and focus, it's possible to get really good at writing and be able to write freely. These things are required if you want to write great copy.

When you're just starting out or getting back into writing after a long break, it might take time to get the hang of it again. The practice though will help you get back in the groove.

If you're struggling to think of things to say or you're not sure how to say your message, here are some tips for you:

Devour Content

I always like to say that before we can take stuff out, we have to put stuff in. This refers to content for our blog and informational products, as well as our sales pages and emails to our list. Reading is a great way to help us develop opinions and ideas. Listening to audiobooks or attending training workshops can also help.

Learning new things gives us more content to talk about and adds color to our writing, especially when we devote reading time to our businesses.

Practice Writing

Yep, I'm going with reading and practicing. They are so important for your copywriting skills. If you rarely sit down to write, don't expect the writing to come easily. Just like with any other activity, we don't get good at something unless we practice.

So, when you're sitting there trying to think of intelligent things to say, stick with it. Make sure you're feeding your brain with valuable content and keep practicing regularly.

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