Are You Doing What You Love?

Are You Doing What You Love?
by Jody Calkins

I’ve taken some time off again as I’m sure you’ve noticed. It wasn’t you. I went through another bout of self-doubt and overwhelm.

You see, I call myself a writer and editor, but I don’t do much writing and editing. And that makes me feel like a fraud. I’ve been so busy trying to stay on top of business functions that I’ve lost touch with what I really love to do, which is to write fiction. Actually, I never really had it together.

I needed more time to clear my head and try to live life like a “normal” person. A life with no major goals or concerns. I went to work, put my 45 hours in for the week, came home, cooked my paleo meals because I know it means better health, tried to keep the house clean and then relaxed for the rest of the evening.

I’ve done this several times this year. And in some ways, it’s really nice. Days go by a lot slower, I’m less stressed out, and I’m happier.

But it doesn’t fulfill me. I know I’m capable of so much more. Mediocrity doesn’t suit me – I can do better than this.

This last break made me realize one important thing: we need to focus on what we love to do no matter what. If we’re not focusing on that thing we really love to do, then we’re not doing the best we can. We’re missing the point of why we’re here on this Earth.

So, instead of waiting until life settles down or we retire from our jobs, do that thing you love now.

For me, it’s creative writing. It’s also getting time to crochet and learn languages and read for fun. Those are all things that are important to me. In order for me to be happy, I need to do these things at least once a week.

So, what am I doing differently now?

I schedule them and make them a priority. I work on my creative writing for an hour each day. Instead of watching a movie, I crochet. I read while I eat. I eat healthy foods so I’m alert enough to focus on something productive in the evenings. I schedule my business activities and I have a plan for every day. And I try really hard to stay focused on my work to make the most of my time.

My biggest problem was, I couldn’t feel good about helping you with your writing work unless I was doing my own work, getting my own words on the page (blog writing doesn’t count!).

Now, I’m making time for the activities I love to do. I also spend some time with family and friends because life is about relationships and having a positive impact on those around us. (This little piece of advice got me through a bout of depression more than three years ago.)

So, what is that one thing you love to do that you’re not doing? And what are you going to do about it? If you are doing it but not as often or as much as you’d like, how are you going to increase the time you devote to it?

Please share your comments so we can all learn from each other. I can’t wait to hear from you!

About the Author: Jody Calkins is a writer and editor with 15 years of experience. She helps businesses and independent writers enhance their writing work, and her work includes copywriting and editing business documents and marketing materials such as articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports, as well as writing and editing short stories, articles, and books (both fiction and nonfiction).
Writing well is all about providing professional material that offers value to readers, content that readers love or find helpful.
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