Written Documents That Help Your Organization Become a Trusted Leader in Its Industry

Written Documents That Help Your Organization Become a Trusted Leader in Its Industry
by Jody Calkins
If you look at the leaders in just about any business-to-business industry, you will notice one thing they all have in common. Consider Microsoft, BSI America, AchieveGlobal, Lafarge. They all provide a ton of valuable online content.
Why is web content so important?
It takes a lot to gain a prospect’s business. Providing a wide range of valuable content gets prospects to know, like, and trust you. Each document validates your organization’s work, instills prospect confidence in your organization’s ability to provide a valuable product or service, and gives readers the information they need to make informed decisions.
Content also acts as a follow-up or check-in point. It lets readers know your organization is active in its work.
Consider a website with only the basic four pages: home, about us, services, and contact. Does it give business prospects enough information to make an informed decision? Is it enough to seal the deal?
And what about this question: are they still in business?
Many companies have gone out of business in the last four years. I know of a handful of design firms that closed their doors in 2009. When a website is still active on the world wide web, how do we know the company is still in business? If it looks dead and out-of-date, why bother inquiring about services?
An organization that has an active website with fresh content shows visitors that it is still in business. It makes it clear that the company is thriving and ready to take on new clients.
So, what materials can an organization produce to show visitors that it is going strong?
Web Pages Featuring New Products or Services
As your organization expands its capabilities, create new web pages devoted to new products and services. Create landing pages and send enewsletter subscribers and followers on social media to those pages.
Writing valuable articles for your website or newsletter helps build trust in your prospects. Give readers helpful tips for the things they struggle with and they will eventually come to trust you and look to you for answers.
Case Studies
Case studies help readers understand how your organization can help them solve a problem. Do they need help with leadership training? Produce a case study about how your organization helped establish an effective leadership program that promotes employee productivity and builds morale.
Research Papers
When an organization conducts research related to its industry and provides the findings along with helpful steps for readers to apply to their own organizations, it builds its reputation as an expert in its field. Not only that, but it also demonstrates that it is interested in finding the solutions to problems that really make its target audience tick.
What better way to keep in touch with your clients and prospects than through a newsletter? Readers don’t need to visit your website to see if your organization is still in business; they can find out each month (or week) that your organization is actively pursuing their business and offering valuable content to make their lives better and easier.
White Papers
A white paper is a great way to help readers solve a problem and showcase your organization’s skills and capabilities. It serves as an official document that says your organization is serious about being in business.

Do you produce all of these types of written documents for your organization? What other documents do you produce? I’d love to hear your feedback!
About the Author: Jody Calkins is a writer and editor with 15 years of experience. She helps businesses and independent writers enhance their writing work, and her work includes copywriting and editing business documents and marketing materials such as articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports, as well as writing and editing short stories, articles, and books (both fiction and nonfiction).
Writing well is all about providing professional material that offers value to readers, content that readers love or find helpful.
For more information on Jody's writing, editing, or copy editing services, please visit https://www.emeryroad.com or write to her here.
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