Big Choice Ahead – Is It Over?

Big Choice Ahead – Is It Over?

Dear Blog,

Utter failure. That’s my progress report for this week. So, I picked back up on my current project on Monday, the 17th. Today is Day 4 of my 14-day plan and I still have yet to meet the word count goal for the first day. Ugh.

What the heck went wrong?

I have a few thoughts.

So, with the first project (which was No Way Out, Book #5), I had been dabbling in it for a couple months. I was lukewarm, but I was able to get it set up on the fast-track (and I loved the results, by the way!).

With this new project, I haven’t touched it in over a month, so coming back to it has been a struggle. Also, the daily word count requirement is a fair amount higher, so I think there’s added pressure.

Also, this project takes me back several weeks in the timeline. We’re back at Faction 73 to follow Tessa’s story line. I think that has something to do with my struggle. Not to mention, I want to keep writing about Gabe and Emerson. #thestruggleisreal

To hold with story structure, I have about 3,000 words left to write before I reach the first big plot point. I’ve been skimming over the recruitment and the majority of the training since we already covered a lot of that in Blackout (Book #3). No need to bore my readers.

I know I could flesh out the beginning a little more. But that takes time. It’s already nearly perfect – I’d just be adding descriptive text which I struggle with. I really loathe too much description. And remember, I’m finessing it as I go. I don’t want any major edits at the end of the project.

So, what’s the plan now?

I can still pull this off. But if I don’t get a move on, I won’t make the March 15 deadline. I know I need to dig into the story, get consumed by it, so I can charge through the project. I plan to flesh out my story outline and then dig in. There’s still a chance…

I’ll be back next week with another progress report!

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