Exciting News – A New Book Release!

Exciting News – A New Book Release!

Dear Blog,

It’s time to celebrate because I have exciting news!

After an intense 14-day writing plan and about 10 days of edits, I’m happy to share the release of No Way Out! It is now available on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited!

What a wild ride!

I started the plan with 20,514 words and estimated I had about 45,000 words to write. Well, I ended up removing about 10,000 of the original words and writing about 10,000 new ones during the editing phase. For a while there I thought I was never going to finish the project since I had so much to replace, but then everything just fell together.

I’m super excited and happy with the final book. And I’m looking forward to getting started on my next project.

Would I recommend this crazy plan for other authors?

The intense writing plan, yes!

Because I think we’re capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for.

The intense editing plan, no!

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m meticulous when it comes to edits, and I’ve been told that I catch mistakes other people miss. Not everyone can pull that off. I’m not perfect and I do miss things even after several read-throughs during the editing phase or when I’m tired, but I strive to put out my best work. I also read my books again and again later so I catch any lingering issues that way (so far only a few, if any, in an entire book – that’s not too shabby).

I’m also one of the pickiest readers. If I like the book, it has to be good. I can’t sit through poor grammar. It’s like Austin Powers and the mole.

I’m also a perfectionist, so during the writing phase, I’m forcing myself to write mostly good words. Toward the end, I get antsy and call it good enough so I can move right into the editing phase. But I find I can finesse a manuscript when I see it in its final layout (I don’t get to that phase until after the draft is complete).

So, with that said, I’m not happy until the manuscript is polished.

I’m also a control freak with trust issues. So, I need to be in charge of the entire project, from the planning stage to publication.

So, what’s next?

Today, I’ll be working out the plan for my next project.

One of the things I’ve learned with this experiment is that I need a little time to recover between projects.

My husband and I are also remodeling our kitchen right now, so that does affect the plan a smidge. But he’s been great! He’s been handling most of the work so I can meet my deadlines.

I’ll be back on Thursday with a progress report, so stay tuned!

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