Creativity Challenges and Plot Structure Limitations

Creativity Challenges and Plot Structure Limitations

Dear Blog,

Last Thursday, I was in a pickle. And as of today, the following Monday, I still am.

This plan has not been going as, um, planned.

I feel like I’m pulling teeth with this story. I finally reached the first major plot point the other day and am happy with the results.

I think the major problem was that I had my basic outline already, but up until last night, I hadn’t fleshed out anything else. I was also struggling with the fact that the plot structure spread out the few big events throughout the whole book.

Well, I switched it up.

See, with this story, we go back to training at Faction 73. Back to where Gabe and Emerson started training in Blackout (Book #3 in The Hexon Code series – keep in mind I’m now writing Book #6). I want my readers to be able to connect with Tessa, but I also don’t want to bore them to tears by going back to training. If I hate doing it, I’m sure my readers will also. (Remember Tessa was recruited into Faction 73 at the same time as Gabe and Emerson.)

So, I sped things up a bit. And I think that will work out better. It also opens up my options for creativity to fill in the rest of the story, whereas before there wasn’t much wiggle room.

I think I’m on the right track and I’ll repeat my statement from Thursday – there is still a chance to meet my March deadline. I’m charging full speed ahead now. Wish me luck!

Sometimes we just need to reconsider the plan (or plot structure, in this case). Are we allowing for creativity? Or are we limiting it?

I’ll share how this goes over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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