Are You Giving Up Control of Your Path & Letting God Lead You?

Are You Giving Up Control of Your Path & Letting God Lead You?

Are You Giving Up Control of Your Path & Letting God Lead You?
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Are You Giving Up Control of Your Path & Letting God Lead You?

Giving up control of our lives and letting God handle it is not the easiest thing in the world to do. We've been taught that we are in control of our own lives, and if we want something, we need to take action and make it happen ourselves. We can handle it, right?

We've also been taught that seeing is believing. If we can't see something, we can't trust that it exists. Of course there are exceptions – I think most of us believe that air exists even when we can't see it. But when it comes to God, let's not get too carried away. Right? Why is it so hard to trust in God when we easily trust in other things we cannot see?

The trouble with trying to control our own lives is that, oftentimes, life doesn't go the way we had planned. Not everything works out. We get frustrated or overwhelmed or we start to feel hopeless. Then we start to wonder what the point of life is. Why on earth are we here? Without God, what hope do we have?

But many people still have trouble believing. What proof are they looking for? Is it proof that they need, or do they just need to get out of their own way? Perhaps what is really holding people back is an unwillingness to see the truth.

This isn't just an issue for nonbelievers. A lot of people who believe in God are missing a relationship with God or they're missing out on hope.

Seeking God isn't just a one-time thing. It's something that we need to do every day. It's a constant battle saying no to temptations. And I don't just mean temptations in a criminal sense. Judging others. Thinking negative thoughts about ourselves and others. Finding justifications or excuses for why a sin should be acceptable. Or desiring things because we think they will make our lives better.

The only thing that makes our lives better is living a life with God. To give up our own lives for Jesus means that we receive a new life through him. Life on earth is just the beginning, and if we're doing it right, we'll have lived a spirit-led and fulfilled life.

For those who are on the fence and struggling with giving up control, what's stopping you from going all in? What do you really have to lose by putting your faith in God and letting him lead you?

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