Six Questions to Consider When Writing a Blog Post

Six Questions to Consider When Writing a Blog Post

Six Questions to Consider When Writing a Blog Post
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Six Questions to Consider When Writing a Blog Post

When figuring out what to write about for your next blog post, it helps if you have an editorial calendar.

In an earlier post, I wrote about the Marketing Campaign Checklist and started the series on the written documents entrepreneurs need when releasing a new product. While there was some flexibility, I committed to writing on those topics.

This gave me the opportunity to write with a specific need in mind and it worked well. I had a mission to complete and the words flowed.

This time, with my series on blogging, I left the schedule open, and while I can write about anything I want, the writing has not flowed as easily.

Having a schedule helped me to stay focused on a specific topic. It gave me direction every week.

When figuring out your editorial calendar, think of a series of posts you could share, and then write a "checklist" post so you set the series in stone. Then with each new post, update your checklist post with links to the specific posts.

As you sit down to write each blog post and as you think about your editorial calendar, think of these questions:

  • What valuable piece of information can I share with my readers?

  • What quick tip can I provide that helps readers solve a problem?

  • How can I motivate or inspire my readers?

  • What encouraging words can I share that makes readers understand that they are not alone?

  • How can I use my own experiences to have a positive impact on others?

  • How can I bring light to someone's life?

These questions are what you should be thinking about when writing your next blog post.

You have something really important to share with your readers. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. But remember: it's not about you. It's about them. What information can you share that will help them in some way?

Do you have trouble coming up with content for your blog?

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