How to Attract the Right People to You to Grow Your Business

How to Attract the Right People to You to Grow Your Business

How to Attract the Right People to You to Grow Your Business
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How to Attract the Right People to You to Grow Your Business

Are you building a business or a fan base? Want to attract the right people to grow your business?

One of the keys to drawing people near you is to be thankful. Being thankful for your life, the things that you have, and the people who have had an impact on your life (good and bad) will come through in how you talk and write to your customers and prospects.

Being thankful gives you a sense of joy and contentment that people will notice and want to be close to. It's comfortable. People want to be around others who calm them down and give them a sense of peace.

The impact our moods have on our writing is underestimated. When we are thinking those negative thoughts, our moods reflect them, and when we aren't feeling at our best, we have a tendency to feel stuck. We don't care as much about our work and we don't give it our best effort. Everyone struggles with this from time to time. But we need to pull ourselves away from the negativity if we want to draw the right people near to us.

Focusing on being thankful for the good things as well as the bad (because they help us learn) can help us feel better about ourselves, our lives, and other people, and can have a significant impact on what shows through in our writing work.

I haven't always been positive. For a long time, I was battling with perfection, criticizing others (in my head) for making mistakes, and thinking I was somehow better than they were. And that really affected how my writing work came across. It was like a clog in a drain. I was the drain and the clog was that perfectionism and criticism that kept me from letting my true self come out.

We weren't put here to criticize others, to think that we're better than others. We were put here to have a positive impact on people's lives and to be a blessing to them and to love them even when they make mistakes.

I eventually realized that by accepting my own lack of perfection–no one is perfect–, I was able to cut others some slack. It was getting too stressful to look at people's work and react to their mistakes because mistakes are everywhere. I was going crazy. I had to turn off the critic so I could actually enjoy my day.

Just focusing on being thankful and seeing the good in others has had a huge impact on my life and on my writing work. I'm sure yours will, too.

How has negativity impacted your life?

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