How to Make the Most of the Inevitable Slowdown in Business

Originally posted on December 7, 2009 on emeryroad.wordpress.com

Having a slowdown in business every now and then can be a good thing. And a good time to catch up and re-evaluate your business and marketing strategies. Whether you are experiencing this slow phase now or just developing a plan to help you make the most of it when it happens, here are some ideas to make your time more productive and worthwhile.

Get Organized

Determine which areas of business you want to evaluate for possible improvements.

Consider New Strategies

Brainstorm new strategies that could benefit your organization. Are you using social networking sites like LinkedIn to your advantage? Could you enhance your social media efforts to increase your revenue?

Get Staff Involvement

Call a meeting with your staff members and get their input on how your business could be improved. Be open-minded and encourage everyone to voice his opinion. Create a safe place for sharing ideas and your staff will be more likely to contribute.

Evaluate Ideas

Evaluate the ideas and take a poll to determine which ones your team thinks should be implemented.

Increase the Stakes

Train your staff members so they will be in a better position to help you manage and develop your business. Give them more responsibility and a higher stake in your company’s success.

Consider making sales a weekly requirement for everyone and offering a bonus to the entire team when they generate business. For example, require 10 hours per week on sales and marketing activities.

Reduce Inefficiencies

Eliminate ineffective operations and encourage higher productivity levels.

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